Advanced Rockets Corporation

Transporting Today and Tomorrow

In a modern aerospace business atmosphere powered by private-sector demand Advanced Rockets Corporation is properly positioned to take the industry by storm with its solutions and ultimately change the course of man’s history for good.


Innovative Solutions

Advanced Rockets Corporation is geared to reduce the cost of access to space. Employing a philosophy that is a mix between time-tested legacy technologies and new innovative solutions that are cheap and easy to implement it is a product of an understanding of how aerospace works from a technological to economic perspective.

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  • Hypersonic Flight
    Advanced Rockets Corporation has made major breakthroughs in the area of sustained hypersonic from propulsion to vehicles, we will be able to deploy this capability to various applications not limited to Launch vehicles, Cruise missiles and Reconnaissance aircrafts.
  • Extreme Reusability
    Key to reducing the cost of access to space we are working on technologies that will enable a launch vehicle to be reused hundreds of times.
  • Continuous Intact Abort Capability (CIAC)
    Advanced Rockets Corporation has made CIAC a central part of its design objective in its systems , CIAC, just like engine out capability is key to higher reliability and reusability , ultimately as for a launch vehicle lowering the cost of access to space.
  • Extreme Efficiency
    Utilizing as much as necessary of legacy technologies and new innovative approaches and techniques in a mix unique to the EAPS, we are able to achieve very high ISP’s, enabling more payload and more re-usability.

The team

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Advanced Rockets Corporation is located in the Greater Los Angeles area, this gives us access to talent, manpower and a culture that is unmatched.