The Evolved Advanced Propulsion System (EAPS)

Competition drives costs factors and forces the industry to innovate to keep up.

In following the current trend, we seek to offer solutions to problems affecting a variety of cost limited applications from launch vehicles to hypersonic aircraft.
Currently patent pending, the Evolved Advanced Propulsion System is a combined cycle propulsion system that leverages the higher efficiencies (>4000 ISP) of air breathing systems while effectively tackling the challenges of doing this at hypersonic Mach numbers.

When needed it can operate as a pure rocket using the same systems as when air breathing, drastically cutting down dead weight at all flight phases.

The EAPS offers advantages such as launch site flexibility, flying around the weather to launch, a high orbital inclination flexibility (as a part of an integrated platform when coupled with a launch vehicle concept that is also patent pending) ease of scalability, huge gains in delta-v output, and ease of integration into various vehicle designs.

The EAPS will efficiently run at very high hypersonic speeds while air breathing with very low sensitivity to air flow disturbances, before transitioning to rocket mode for the rest of the acceleration to orbital speeds.

Here are some more performance gains and problems solved unique to the EAPS:

• A small number of life limited moving & rotating parts (comparable to ramjets)
• Atmospheric and in vacuum operation (with very little dead weight)
• Capable of independently generating thrust from idle to > Mach 18
• Efficient from a relatively low speed
• Average thrust/weight ratio of 40:1
• Simple high efficiency intake system (Better than SCRAM and Ramjets)
• Easy to test on the ground
• Optimal nozzle expansion at all altitudes
• Available platforms

So even with the extra mass required for the air-breathing system there are significant gains in total mass savings, which may then be allocated to systems enabling Continuous Intact Abort Capability (CIAC), slower reentry, thermal protection systems, factors that enable reusability to make access to space more economical, also extra payload, higher orbits, and more propellant for landing operations and a good cross range capability.

The EAPS offers high flexibility on fuel and oxidizer choices and will be cheap to develop because it leverages tested technologies that are of good performance while innovating where necessary, additionally it can also be easily integrated into most operational launch systems.

For a life of over 400 reuses

Evolved Advanced Launch Vehicle( EALV)

The Evolved Advanced Launch Vehicle( EALV) is a launch vehicle designed for a life of over 400 reuses with very minimal maintenance and rapid turnarounds.

Capable of Sustained high speed atmospheric flight and reentry velocities, it could see spinoffs beyond being a Launch Vehicle. Its design allows other features like a Continuous Intact Abort Capability. Coupled with the EAPS the EALV will enable more affordable access to space, with less than $100/kg possible. The EALV is patent pending.